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Q- Why is rust bad for guns?

Rust is bad for guns because it causes corrosion and can damage the metal components of the firearm. This can affect the accuracy and reliability of the gun, as well as reduce its lifespan.

Q- How do I avoid getting rust on my guns?

To avoid getting rust on your guns, it's important to keep them clean and dry. This means wiping them down after use, storing them in a dry place, and using a protective coating or oil to prevent moisture from building up.

Q- How quickly can guns rust?

Guns can rust quickly if they are exposed to moisture, such as from rain, humidity, or sweat. This can happen in a matter of hours or days if the gun is not properly cared for.

Q- Where should I store my guns to avoid rusting?

Guns should be stored in a cool, dry place where they are not exposed to moisture

Q- Why should you choose BONE-DRI?

BONE-DRI is the best choice for preventing rust on firearms because our cases have moisture-absorbing lining. This moisture-absorbing material removes ALL moisture from your firearms.

Q- How do BONE-DRI’s cases work?

BONE-DRI cases work as a dampness vacuum removing all the moisture from your firearms and leaving them dry.  Releasing the moisture from the case is easy; you can simply put the case in the sun.

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