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BONE-DRI Rust Prevention Dual Rifle Case in nature

Rust can be a nightmare for gun owners. Every firearms enthusiast knows that guns have two enemies: rust and politicians. 

A rainy day of hunting, misty conditions at a shooting range, or humidity will expose your gun to the harmful and damaging effects of rust. It takes only the smallest amount of moisture to come into contact with your firearm to begin the rusting process. 

It even happens in dry climates when moving your gun from high to cool temperatures, which can cause condensation.

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Close up of water droplets on a gun

Once rust has started to form and without proper storage, the rusting process can set in quickly and compromise the safety and functionality of your weapon.

To solve this destructive problem, BONE-DRI™ products are engineered with DRYOUT™ - a patented moisture removal material. Our gun cases not only provide ideal firearm storage, but also eliminate the possibility of rust. 

BONE-DRI™ Rust Prevention Gun Cases extract moisture from the entire firearm - inside and out.

Most of us just wipe down our firearms’ exterior surfaces but don’t think about the internals, only to find corrosion when we deep clean them.

Person putting a rifle into BONE-DRI Rust Prevention Dual Rifle Case
Person opening BONE-DRI Rust Prevention Dual Rifle Case

BONE-DRI™ products are constructed with the finest materials, easily withstand heavy wear and tear, are reusable, and are guaranteed for life.

At the end of the day, BONE-DRI™ delivers to gun owners peace of mind against rust and corrosion.

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